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Detoxing & Cleansing Foot Spas

The Dunn Wellness Center offers detoxifying and cleansing foot spa services at their Jacksonville Beach health care facility. Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, foot detoxifying is based on the same basic principles as acupuncture, but the practitioner focuses on the anatomical meridians in the patient's feet. Since the soles of the foot are the furthermost point for the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, reflexology points in the feet have an increased potential for the build-up of harmful toxins. Noted health benefits from detoxifying can:

Stress is now believed to be a major cause of physical illness in our country. By reducing tension and improving blood flow, this relaxing alternative therapy helps many patients enjoy better overall health and maintain total wellness. When your body is in balance, you naturally gain an improved physical energy and mental concentration. The increased circulation of vital bodily fluids results in more efficient metabolism and is essential to maintaining good health and having your body in perfect balance.

Since the human body is approximately 80% water and water is an excellent conductor of electricity, keeping the body cleansed is important for many autonomous functions of the inner organs. The brain sends signals to each part of the body and back to the brain. In our modern environment, the trick is to keep those signals clean, strong, and energized. If you are seeking total wellness and would enjoying a relaxing therapeutic experience, give us a call today at 904-249-1551 to schedule your consultation.